The Member Committee

The Member Committee is a volunteer programming committee. Its mandate is to represent members, and contribute to the membership experience at the Club. The Committee volunteers make sure there is always a variety of recreational and competitive playing opportunities – round robins, ladders, tournaments – as well as many social activities to make “your cottage in the city” a place for fun, relaxation and friendly competition.

The Committee is elected by active Club members at the Annual Meeting of OTLBC Members held every September.  They meet approximately 10 times a year totalling about 20 hours of meeting and planning time. In addition each role has specific responsibilities that require additional volunteer time in varying degrees to bring you the programming and events we all enjoy.

The OTLBC Members Town Hall

Wednesday, August 30, 2017
7:30 p.m.

Pool & Tennis Members welcome. Please see below:


List of Nominees for 2017-18

Minutes of the 2016 Annual Meeting

2017 Member Committee

Catriona Fagan – President
Samara Somers – Vice President and Pool Chair
Kathy McKinlay – Recording Secretary
Gary Hawkes – New Member Chair
Anne Buchanan – Playing Chair   (Don Armstrong for Ladders)
Jim Fawcett – Junior Chair
Louise Leslie  – Co-Tournament Chair
Elisabeth Klein – Co-Tournament Chair
Caroline Orchard – Daytime Chair
Vacant – Social Chair  (Kaylea Groover – Ex-Officio, Management Coordinator)
Maria Pierre-Noel – General Manager  (Ex-Officio)


 Member Committee Roles

The Member Executive President provides oversight and direction to the committee, liaises with the Club’s general manager on issues that arise, develops agendas and chairs meetings. The president coordinates with the other Executive members for development of the calendar of events and court allocation and is accountable for the work of other volunteers/committee members. As an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors, the President presents issues arising from the executive that require the attention of Board of Directors.

Vice President 
The Vice-President provides support to the president and chairs meetings during president’s absence. The Vice-president organizes the opening day event. The VP is also responsible for the nomination and award of the Dave Fleming Volunteer Spirit Award that is awarded every two years.

Social Chair
The Social Chair coordinates the season opening and closing parties. The Social Chair provides support to the fundraising committee as required, coordinating their events with the Executive planning calendar.

Tournament Chair
The Tournament Chair is responsible for the Club Championships, the Intermediate Championships (both events include men’s and women’s singles and doubles events) and the Intermediate and Open Mixed Doubles Tournament.

Evening Playing Chair
The Playing Chair is responsible for running the tennis ladders (men’s and women’s singles and doubles events) and OTLBC leagues (which are coordinated by league captains) such as the Monday night advanced league and Thursday night women’s league.  Round robins (which are coordinated by player volunteers) include the Sunday morning beginner doubles RR, Sunday evening men’s doubles RR,  Monday evening women’s RR, and Friday evening mixed social drop-in.

Daytime Playing Chair
The Daytime Chair is responsible for the daytime tennis leagues and round robins including Ladies’ Daytime Interclub League, Tuesday morning mixed doubles RR, Wednesday morning women’s doubles RR and Thursday morning men’s doubles RR.

Junior Chair
The Junior Chair promotes tennis activities for our junior members, including the junior club championships. The Junior Chair also recommends the annual junior member recipient of the Norman King Junior Award.

New Member Chair
The New Member Chair prepares and hosts the new member orientation sessions, coordinates the new member matchmaker RR, and acts as point of contact for new members.

Pool Member Chair
The Pool Chair shall be responsible for representing the specific interests of the Pool Member community, and for supporting pool social events which are organized for all members of the Club

The Secretary manages meeting location, agendas, minutes and records of decisions for the Executive.

Sustaining Partners

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