2016 OTLBC Mixed Doubles Tournament

The official OTLBC tournament season kick off took place starting on June 17 with our Mixed Doubles Championship. The tournament was it’s fair share of exciting events as …

the weekend saw some hot temperatures, an equipment malfunction at the Pool and a few surprising upsets! Thank you to Roman Cooper and Rolf Krantz for organizing such an amazing tournament! Here is a recap of the events..

Friday, June 17 

The first set of matches were all highly competitive and for a change Nora Cooper-Farsang and Roman Cooper were not the longest match. That honour goes to Marta Farsang and her partner Steve Shaw who gutted out an 8-7 win over Bob and Caroline Orcahrd on Court 9. That said, Nora and Roman played in the 2nd longest match, edging out Bill Floch and Louise Smith 8-6.

With most teams having played two games Friday Night, a couple of teams (Farsang-Shaw and McGowan-Lethonen) have booked their place in the Quarter Finals thanks to winning both matches Friday. Farsang-Shaw hold a slight edge to claim the #1 seed.

Saturday, June 18

Saturday saw an exciting day as an equipment malfunction at the pool postponed final round robin matches by close to one hour but 3 of the 5 scheduled matches were completed afterwards. Another match was decided by a forfeit with one remaining match to be concluded Sunday morning. In addition, the previously defaulted John and Karen Mahoney (due to a medical emergency) were in fact able to get in their final RR match and in doing so qualified for the Quarter Finals.

With one round robin match left to be played (McGowan-Lethonen against Larkin-McDonell), 1st seed overall is still up for grabs as is the final 3rd place spot. If McGowan-Lethonen win outright or lose 8-7, they claim #1 seed. If they lose and not win 7 games, 1st seed goes to Farsang-Shaw. Regarding the final playoff spot (2nd best 3rd place), Larkin-McDonell can snatch it if they can win Sunday morning by an 8-4 or better score. If they lose, or win, but concede more than 4 games, the final draw spot goes to Krantz-Springstead.

This is what we know for certain:

  • Farsang-Shaw have won the Genie-Milos Group, with Bob and Caroline Orcahrd 2nd and John and Karen Mahoney 3rd (and best 3rd place team). Positioning for first place decided by +/- and 2nd/3rd decided by Games Won;
  • Cooper-Cooper/Farsang have won the Federer-Hingis group with Smith-Floch in 2nd. First place was decided by the Head-to-Head record;
  • McGowan/Lethonen have won the MacEnroe/Navaratilova Group regardless of their final match due to the Head-to-Head Tiebreaker over 2nd place Mitchell-Fortin.

Unfortunately, Harrison-Zeisig, Townsend-Wu (default due to injury), and Leslie-Yip are all eliminated.

The Quarter Finals saw McGowan-Lethonen vs Krantz-Springstead with McGowan-Lethonen pulling ahead for the win; Smith-Floch vs the Orchards with Smith-Floch moving to the Semi-Finals to face McGowan-Lethonen ; Cooper-Cooper/Farsang vs Mitchel-Fortin and the Mahoneys vs Farsang-Shaw where Cooper-Cooper/Farsang face the Mahoney’s in the Semi-Finals.

In the Semi-Finals, McGowan-Lethonen beat out Smith-Floch and Cooper-Cooper/Farsang edged out the Mahoney’s to make it into the Finals.

The Finals saw an exciting match between two amazing doubles teams, McGowan-Lethonen and Cooper-Cooper/Farsang. Congratulations to our Intermediate Mixed Doubles Winners –  Colleen McGowan and Jeremy Lehtonen. They were able to go through the tournament undefeated! They defeated Nora Cooper-Farsang and Roman Cooper in the final 4-0 (Ret). Unfortunately,  in the much anticipated final Nora and Roman had to retire due to injuries.

Congratulations to all the participating teams for a very successful and competitive tournament. It was an exciting tournament with many close Group round robin matches and playoff matches. During the course of the tournament there were also some events that caused a couple of delays to the original tournament schedule, but the teams responded well!

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