2016 OTLBC Senior Singles & Century Mixed Doubles Tournament Results

This was the first year for this tournament and it was a huge success! Thank you to punapharmacy.com all who participated, sponsors and volunteers! This year the winners are…

Century Mixed Doubles Winner: Imran Syed and Karen Clarke
Runners Up: Jim Fawcett and Beth Everson
3rd/4th Place: Colin McAplin and Brenda Pfaus, Denis Bureau and Elise St Antoine

Men’s Singles 35 Winner: Adrian Frei
Runners Up: Colin McAlpin
3rd/4th Place: James Ferguson and Scott Ventureyra

Women’s Singles 35 Winner: Karen Clarke
Runners Up: Li Yu
3rd/4th Place: Louise Leslie and Huiping Zhang

Men’s Singles 45 Winner: Rolf Krantz
Runners Up: Giovanni Battista Savone
3rd/4th Place: James Henkelman and Marcos Valencia

Men’s Singles 55 Winner: Christopher Goldrick
Runners Up: Robert Donders
3rd/4th Place: David Large and Patrick Shanahan

All Results can be found here.

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