National Tennis Rating Program

The National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) is a self-rating program to help you have a  general idea of your tennis ability. It helps you to find games with other players of similar ability. It also can serve as a general framework for you to improve your tennis. 
You can ask a pro for guidance, but remember your rating can always improve. When in doubt between NTRP categories, choose the lower one. Over time, you’ll see how you do against players of various ratings and you can adjust your own rating either up or down. The categories are broad by design to accommodate a wide range of playing skills.
We use the NTRP to help guide our lessons, clinics, leagues, and tournament play.
Everyone starts at level 1. All world class professional tennis players are level 7 which is the top level. 
Tennis Canada and the United States Tennis Association endorse the NTRP 7 point system. The International Tennis Federation (ITF) uses the International Tennis Rating (ITN) which is the same concept with 10 points instead of 7. 

National Tennis Rating Guide

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