Junior League and Tournaments

Please check back for details and tournament dates closer to May.

OTLBC Junior League

Sundays from 1-2:30 pm for 10 weeks beginning May 21st 

The Sunday afternoon league will introduce juniors to competition in both singles and doubles. The structure will be in the form of a box league where players of similar skill level will be arranged into boxes of 4 or 5 players. Each week players will arrive and be sent out onto a court with someone from their box. They will play short sets or timed sets against each player in their box and a round of doubles within the allotted time. Scores will be recorded and each week players will be shuffled to play new opponents based on the previous weeks results. Both green dot and yellow ball players are welcome to register at the front desk by May 17th. Players must be able to rally from the baseline, volley, serve, return and keep track of scoring in order to register. The one time fee is $10 per player and sessions will run weekly for 10 weeks. Late registrations are welcome to register after the league has started by contacting Jennifer Byberg at jennifer.williams0508@gmail.com. 


Let’s Play

Sundays from 1-2 pm for 10 weeks beginning May 21st 

OTLBC volunteers and parents organize this fun activity for juniors. Organized tennis play and introduction to play using junior sized racquets, slower, lighter balls, and lower nets all suited to young juniors.

The OTLBC Red Ball Tournament 

A fun tennis event for all ages and skill levels from 6-year-old beginners to top players in the club.  Bring your friends! This event is open to non-members.

Red Ball is part of the Progressive Tennis approach that uses low-compression red balls and half-court play. There will be singles categories for all age groups levels including an adult-child doubles category. Scoring and match formats may be adapted depending on the number and level of entrants.

Participants will play a lot of short matches in this fun, yet competitive tournament. Come on out and support Progressive Tennis and join the fun.

OTLBC Junior Championship Tournament
Early August (Check our Events Calendar for final dates)

This fun and competitive tournament offers juniors 16 and under an opportunity to experience competitive match play, but offers plenty of social opportunities as well as celebrate the season!

NCTA Junior Tournament 

The NCTA offers tournaments for juniors of all ages at various venues throughout the summer. Please visit the NCTA website for more details and information on how to register.

Ottawa Area High School Tennis Tournament

The OTLBC is proud to host the Ottawa area High School tournament. We love to support local, community based play as well as promoting tennis in our younger generation. Everyone is welcome to come and watch the amazing tennis being played!

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