Junior Tennis Programs

We are excited about our junior programs this summer! Offering a little bit of everything for everyone of all ages and levels of play.

The OTLBC uses a progressive tennis approach introducing tennis in a fun and interactive way ensuring immediate success for young players aged 5-11. Using modified tennis balls, racquets, nets and courts, young players are properly equipped to enjoy rallies and learn the fundamentals of the game early on. Skills are developed much quicker, allowing for an easy transition to full court tennis. Tennis Canada fully endorses Progressive Tennis and is developing programs and competitive structures across the country to give more players the opportunity to experience its positive benefits.

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It is important to register early! Last minute registrations may be too late. Clinics are reviewed one week before the session begins. If the minimum number of participants are not registered, classes may be cancelled. Please be sure to check our online registration system for updates. 

For information regarding Tennis Canada’s Progressive Tennis approach click here

The progressive tennis system aligns with Tennis Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development Model..

Below is a sample of the OTLBC LTAD Model in correspondence with all of our
junior programming this season 

OTLBC Long Term Athlete Development Model

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All of our OTLBC programs will provide tennis racquets if required. Players will be required to wear appropriate athletic attire and running shoes, preferably court shoes.

Parent and Tot (3-4 years)

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Age Group: 3-4 years old
Racquet Size: 17 inches
Ball Type: variety of sizes and types
Description: Introducing children to a range of movements, stimuli, and interactions at an early age can be essential in their long-term development. This 30 minute class introduces young players to various coordination, agility, and balance drills using racquets, hands, and feet to further develop their ability to run, jump, catch, throw, strike, kick and roll in relation to tennis and other sports. Parents work with their little player, lead by a certified tennis instructor, and they learn to develop the skills and drills to practice at home!
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 4
Ratio: 1 child : 1 parent

Red Ball (5-7 years)

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Age Group: 5-7 years old
Racquet Size: 17-21 inches
Ball Type: Low compression red or sponge balls
Description: This introductory class uses small court sizes and low compression balls to expose young players to the game at an early age. Players will begin with familiarizing themselves with the racquet and ball through a variety of coordination drills developing spatial awareness, hand eye coordination, and limb control. Players will work in partners to encourage drills and exercises they can perform without a coach present at home or on a tennis court to develop teamwork and cooperation skills. Throwing, catching, and cooperative racquet skills will be developed focusing on forehand, backhand and serve to introduce these young players to the basics of the game.
Maximum: 16
Minimum: 6
Ratio: 1:8

Orange Ball (7-9 years)

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Age Group: 7-9 years old
Racquet Size: 23-25 inches
Ball Type: 50% Low compression orange ball
Description: This class uses smaller court sizes and 50% low compression balls to expose young players to the game. Players will work in partners to encourage drills and exercises they can perform with friends and family. Throughout the 4 weeks, players will develop the forehand/backhand ground strokes, forehand/backhand volleys, overheads, serve, return of serve, scoring, and game format exposing them to the basics required to participate in a U9 orange ball tournament. Players will be arranged based on level as this class accommodates all levels within this age group and will be challenged accordingly.
Maximum: Tues/Thurs 10 players; Saturday 18 players
Minimum: 6
Ratio: 1:6

Green Ball (9 – 11 years)

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Racquet Size: 26-27 inches
Ball Type: 25% Low compression green balls
Description: This green ball class is perfect for players who are just learning the game for the first time, transitioning from the orange ball program, or players already competing at a U10 level. Players will be split based on level and will continue developing the basic skills required to perform and be successful in a U10 green ball tournament. The primary focus will be on the development and effectiveness of forehand/backhand groundstrokes, volleys, overheads, serve, and return of serve. This class will also introduce players to doubles and singles point play allowing them to be comfortable scoring and playing with friends and family without a coach present. Tactical, technical, psychological and physical elements will be incorporated to develop basic long-term skills.

Yellow Ball Beginner (12-16 years)

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Racquet Size: 27 inches
Ball Type: Regular tennis ball
Description: This introductory class is targeted towards players aged 12-16 years old interested in learning the basic skills required to go out and play with friends and family. Players will learn forehand/backhand groundstrokes, volleys, overheads, serves, return of serve, and the basic tactics of the game for both singles and doubles.

Yellow Ball Intermediate/Advanced (12-16 years)

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Racquet Size: 27 inches
Ball Type: Regular tennis ball
Description: This intermediate/advanced class is for players who have already taken an introduction to tennis, looking to play tournaments, and are looking to gain a further understanding of the tactical, technical, psychological and physical elements of their game on a full sized court. Topics such as approach shots, doubles tactics, drop shots, first/second serve development, directional control, etc will be covered providing a more dynamic set of skills/tools. In order to practice these skills in a game situation, we encourage participation in the junior ladder. Players will be split based on current level of play. If you are unsure if this class is appropriate for your child, please contact an OTLBC pro.

All sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable.

 You are welcome to participate in our tennis programs at a member rate!

Please note that it may be raining in some parts of the city and not at the club. Always check the member homepage for the most accurate neighbourhood weather and court status.

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