NEW! High Performance Training

OTLBC High Performance Summer Training

NEW! in 2017 at the OTLBC is our High Performance Summer Training Program. This program is an extension of the OTLBC Long-Term Development Model allowing players to explore their competitive potential introducing players to local/provincial/national tournament play. The goal of the program is to further develop a player’s psychological, physical, tactical , technical elements of their game and increase their confidence with doubles.

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Program Sessions

Sessions will include on/off court fitness, video analysis of stroke development and match play, doubles tactical skill development, singles tactical and technical development. Rain days will consist of match/player analysis of professional players on the pro tour, match play book development, and psychological training. Ore values instilled within this training include: sportsmanship, dedication, disciple, teamwork, and passion



Players age 9-16 who are already playing tennis at a competitive level looking to further develop their game on our beautiful clay courts with Tennis Canada certified coaches are welcome to apply. In order to register or inquire whether this training is appropriate for your child, please contact OTLBC at or in person at the club. Spaces are limited so be sure to register now!


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