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The Tennis Courts

Clay courts are the gold standard, and Har-Tru is a world leader in the creation of great surfaces for playing tennis. The OTLBC has 18 of these superb courts, more than any other comparable club in Canada. 14 courts were completely restored and new LED lighting was installed in 2019. Easy on the joints, clay also allows for sliding and helps to prevent injuries, at the same time promoting good footwork and balance, so that players can continue in the sport to an advanced age. Tennis balls bounce more slowly on clay, which also promotes long rallies. The clay surface retains moisture, and it breathes, which means that Har-Tru Courts are significantly cooler than asphalt. 

The Pool

“Your Cottage in the City” would not be a cottage if it did not have water. Secluded, surrounded with greenery and edged with paving stones and grass, the pool offers a peaceful oasis in the city. Constructed in 1960 and recently rehabilitated, the large outdoor pool at OTLBC is perfect for a dip after a vigorous game of tennis. For Pool Members – those who do not play tennis – it provides an alternative way to enjoy the club amenities. If you happen to be a non-swimmer or would like to improve your skills, lessons are available, and trained lifeguards are on duty to protect swimmers and to manage health and safety. 

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Assessment Fee

In order to help achieve the Clubhouse Restoration Project, the Board of Directors approved a Special Assessment Fee for all 2022 memberships. From 2023 onward, the Special Assessment will be charged to all new members, replacing the former New Member Fee. This is to ensure all current and future members of the club contribute equitably.

The board's overriding concern has been to keep the assessment consistent and equitable across all current and future members, including pool members, as follows:

  • Family Memberships - $350
  • Adult, Senior and Intermediate Memberships - $250
  • Junior Memberships - $150


Tennis Memberships 

Unlimited use of our 18 Har-Tru tennis courts, outdoor swimming pool and (limited) use of our 12 beach volleyball courts. Enjoy members discounts, free organized activities, member benefits and more. No additional court fees! 

All fees listed do not include HST.

For the purpose of 2023 memberships, a new member is defined as anyone that was not a member in 2022. 


Returning Member 
New Member 
(includes special assessment)

Adult – 36 to 64 years



Senior – 65 years +

$1,050 $1,300

Intermediate Adult – 22 to 35 years



Junior – 21 years and under



Family – see note below




Please review the terms and conditions below prior to purchasing your membership.


Pool Memberships

Our pool members enjoy the largest outdoor pool in Old Ottawa South, great club atmosphere and membership discounts, as well as limited access to 12 beach volleyball courts. 

All fees listed do not include HST.

For the purpose of 2023 memberships, a new member is defined as anyone that was not a member in 2022. 

Returning Member
     New Member
(includes special assessment)

Adult – 22 years +



Junior – 11 to 21 years  



Junior - 10 years and under with a caregiver 



Family – see note below



Please review the terms and conditions below prior to purchasing your membership.



Lockers can be reserved at the start of the season.

Terms and Conditions of Membership

  • Members acknowledge that they have read and accepted, and will adhere to the OTLBC policies and values.
  • The club reserves the right to cancel without a refund, the membership of any individual(s) whose conduct is contrary to the OTLBC policies and values, or causes any damage to the club.
  • Family memberships include a couple with their dependent children up to 21 years of age (living at same residence) and a caregiver access card. Caregiver facility access is limited to that person’s time caring for the family’s children, and the caregiver must provide photo ID at the front desk to access the premises.
  • Pool Admission Requirements: Please see the OTLBC Pool Admission Requirements.
  • For the purposes of 2023 registration, ages apply as of January 1, 2023.
  • Incorrect age declaration will result in membership cancellation by the club without a refund.
  • A returning member is defined as anyone who joined the club in the 2022 season. A new member is defined as anyone that was not a member in 2022.  
  • OTLBC REFUND POLICY: Memberships including special assessments and capital fund fees, summer camps and all programs are non-refundable, except for medical reasons. An official letter from a medical professional is required, and a $40 cancellation fee will be applied. Eligible refunds will be in the form of CLUB CREDITS ONLY (no cash refunds).