The Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club organizes a number of member-only club tournaments throughout the tennis season. We also host a variety of public tournaments. In 2024 the OTLBC will be hosting the

  • ITF Tennis Wolrd Masters Tournament:  June 26 to June 30  (more details coming soon - Click Here for more info)
  • National Junior Open Series:  Bloomex Cup July 29 - August 4 
  • some games of the City Championships - dates to be confirmed.

2024 Club Tournament Dates - all dates are proposed


June 3-6 - OTLBC Mixed Doubles (Intermediate & Club Championship Categories) 

  • Intermediate Draw and Schedule
  • Club Championship Draw and Schedule: 



August 26 - September 5 - OTLBC Men's Singles (Intermediate & Club Championship Categories)

  • Men's Singles - Intermediate Schedule: 
  • Men's Singles - Club Championship Schedule:

August 26 - September 5 - OTLBC Women's Singles (Intermediate & Club Championship Categories)

  • Women's Singles - Intermediate Round Robin:
  • Women's Singles - Intermediate Final Results:
  • Women's Singles - Club Championship:

*Registration Deadline: Thursday, August 22.



September 9-19 - OTLBC Men's Doubles (Intermediate & Club Championship Categories) 

  • Men's Doubles - Championship Schedule:  
  • Men's Doubles - Intermediate Schedule: 

September 9-19 - OTLBC Women's Doubles (Intermediate & Club Championship Categories)

  • Women's Doubles - Championship Schedule: 
  • Women's Doubles - Intermediate Schedule: 

*Registration Deadline: Thursday, September 5.


OTLBC Club Tournaments

To Register:
Login to your OTLBC account. Under "register for adult programs" click the "tournament tab" to view the registrations. For doubles categories you must indicate your partner’s name in the “additional information” section. Click here for detailed instructions.
There will be two divisions (Intermediate and Club Championship) if enough players register. When registering you must indicate your playing level according to the Tennis Canada “Play Tennis Self-Rating Guide”. Click here to view the self-rating guide or click here for videos to help assess your player rating. This will help the Tournament Director to place you in the appropriate category (Intermediate or Club Championship).
General information
  • Participation fee is $10 +hst (per person for doubles tournaments). Balls will be provided.
  • Inital rounds will be played on the back courts. Semi-final and final matches will be played at on front courts.
  • Weekday games will be played in the evening at between 5:15 PM and 9:45 PM. Weekend games may be scheduled between 9:00 AM. and 6:00 PM.
  • The format will be single knock-out. There will not be consolation rounds.
Match format
  • Except for the semi-finals and finals, all matches will be a pro set of first to eight games, winning by two games. If the score reaches 7-7, a regular tiebreak is played, the winner being the first to reach 7 points, winning by 2 points.
  • Semi-final and final matches will be two out of three sets. If tied at one set each, the third set will be a “super tiebreak”, that is, the winner is the first to reach 10 points, winning by 2 points.
  • Players are responsible for calls on their side of the net, and the opposing player/team must accept their decision. If there is any doubt, normal etiquette is to give the opponent the benefit of the doubt. Players should avoid replaying a point, though this is an option if both sides agree.  

Past Season Tournament Results

2022 Club Championship Doubles -
2022 Club Championship Singles -
2022 Intermediate Singles -

Click here to view the 2019 picture collage 

Click here to view the 2020 picture collage

Click here to view the 2021 picture collage