Tennis Club

Tennis Lessons

Lessons are available to members and non-members in private, semi-private, or private group format. Book your lesson through the front desk or by contacting the pros directly. Book in advance and pay before your lesson at the front desk.

60-Minute Lessons
Member Rate
(Excl. HST)
Non-Member Rate  
(Excl. HST)
Semi-Private Group of 2
$60 / Person
$70 / Person
Semi-Private Group of 3
$40 / Person
$50 / Person
Semi-Private Group of 4
$30 / Person
$40 / Person







Private Lessons

 A Private Lesson gives you one-on-one time to focus on developing your game with your Pro.

Private Group Lessons

A group lesson gives a group of 2, 3, or 4 players time to work together with one Pro while hitting with each other. This is a great option for groups of friends who like to learn together, for doubles strategy, or for tournament training.

Choose the option, or the combination of options, that works best for you.

How to Book a Lesson

  1. Pick your pro - you can learn more about your pros by reading their bios.
  2. Book your lesson by contacting your pro or through the front desk. You do not need to pay at the time you book your lesson.
  3. All lesson payments must be made at the front desk before your lesson on the day you take it.

Your OTLBC Pros

  • Colin McAlpin, Head Pro / mobile: 613-720-3828 / email:
    • ​See Colin's Bio Here
  • Mykell Reifer, Pro / mobile: 613-869-4263 / email:
    • ​See Mykell's Bio Here

Rain Policy

If your lesson is rained out, rebook your lesson for another convenient time. If you begin your lesson, then it rains before your lesson is complete, it’s free. Rebook so you can get your full hour lesson time.

If you need to cancel, please give 48 hours notice. That way the time slot can be booked by someone else.