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Why Support the OTLBC Capital Improvement Fund?

Our heritage clubhouse and extensive ground facilities (courts, pool, volleyball courts, grass and gardens) are source of pride for all members of the club and the surrounding Old Ottawa South Community. They also require continued attention and investment to maintain them in the finest shape possible.

While membership fees cover day-to-day operations and regular maintenance costs, they are not sufficient to support the large capital improvement needs of the aging facilities. Borrowing money to finance renovations is an option, but is risky given the current economic situation and burden it adds to the club finances.

The OTLBC Capital Improvements Fund was established in 2009 as a way for sponsors and interested individuals to donate money toward short-term and long-term capital improvement projects and assure donors that the money would be reserved specifically for this purpose.

There is a long list of upgrades and refurbishments for the club. The Board and Management have been working to create a long-range plan by prioritizing the projects. Some of the required projects that need to be addressed:

  • Rebuild Courts 13-18 and 1-4.
  • Our pool, built in 1961, underwent a facelift with the installation of new interlock pavers around the pool in 2012 but the pool structure itself need to be rebuilt.
  • Our beloved clubhouse, constructed in 1922-23, which once entertained the great Bill Tilden following an exhibition match, is in need of substantial investment to restore it to its former glory.

Join the growing group of supporters, DONATE NOW:

  • Add $25 (or more) donation to the capital fund when you renew your membership
  • Provide a donation for a specific capital campaign
  • Purchase a ticket to the annual fundraising event held each year
  • Make a legacy gift

To make a donation, contact the General Manager. Online donation coming soon.

The Impact to Date

Light up Your Game (2013)
In 2010, the club began its two-year fundraising campaign to improve the court lighting. In 2012 it was determined that the original plan of replacing existing lights with LED light fixtures was not yet technically feasible. Over the two-year campaign, approximately $35,000 has been raised through sponsorships, fundraising events and individual donations.  The club has a revised plan to replace all the light bulbs in the existing fixtures. This should improve the nighttime playing experience noticeably and dramatically, according to the consultant’s report.

Stairway Project (2012)
With the support of our sustaining partner of 2012 – Urban Stairs and Rails – the main internal staircase was rebuilt in hardwood to better match the vintage character of the club.

Walkway and Laneway Improvement (2009)
Our walkway from the clubhouse to the courts and pool was uneven and esthetically unappealing. OTLBC launched its first fundraising campaign and with the generous support of our members and friends, we raised the nearly $25,000 required to install an attractive interlock pathway to the courts and gravel pathway to the pool.

Renovation of Courts 5 – 12 (2007)
The OTLBC borrowed approximately $200,000 to rebuild courts 5 through 12 and the results have been wonderful – a superior playing surface, better drainage and quicker drying times. .

Other repairs and renovations made from 2011-2012

  • Pool Interlock Deck
  • Kitchen ceiling
  • Kitchen Floor
  • Balcony flooring and Canvas
  • Ladies Locker Room Ceiling
  • Former Lawn Bowling Green –North

Make a Gift

Gifts of Cash* of any amount are most welcome. With a contribution of $100, you will receive a share of the OTLBC. To make a donation, please follow the following link DONATE NOW

Legacy Gifts* – there are a number of easy ways of leaving a legacy to the OTLBC. Simply designate the Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club as a beneficiary of a specific amount of money, or a portion of the total value, through one of the following – we recommend that you seek professional advice to help determine the best option for you.

  • Bequest in your will
  • A life insurance policy
  • Your RRSP or RRIF

*Please note that the OTLBC is not a registered charity, and as such cannot issue charitable tax receipts for any donations. Therefore, any donations made to the club will not qualify for a charitable tax credit or a tax deduction. However, businesses may be able to deduct donations and sponsorship payments from business income as advertising expenses.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The OTLBC also offers a number of sponsorship and advertising opportunities for businesses – click here for more details.

Volunteers are always welcome!

Our club is well known for great tennis, social and fundraising programming, which are mostly organized by volunteers. Volunteer contributions are precious and no amount of help is too small. If you can’t commit to regular participation, please consider volunteering for a specific event, or assist part-time on a committee. Please see Get Involved, and contact our General Manager Maria Pierre-Noel for more information on where you can help.

Sustaining Partners