Interclub Leagues – NCTA & City Leagues

Competitive teams and leagues offer intermediate-to-advanced players more opportunities for weekly competition against players of similar ability.

Try-outs are held in May – please check the events calendar for announcements.

Regular participation in these leagues requires a commitment to play most weeks; however, players who cannot make that commitment can also play as spares.

Please note that tournaments and other events at the club may require that the scheduled events be suspended. Please check the Club home page and Events listing for confirmation.

NCTA Mixed Interclub Leagues
Division 1: Level 4.0 + (Wednesday at 6:40 – 8:00 PM) – Captain: Beth Everson
Division 2: Level 3.5 (Tuesday at 6:40 – 8:00 PM) – Captain: Hilary Hampson
Tryouts required.

Are you interested in playing friendly competitive tennis with clubs from around the city?

OTLBC enters teams in the Tuesday and Wednesday NCTA Mixed Interclub Leagues. “OTLBC Hit and Run” is our Tuesday evening Division 2 team for level 3.5 players. “OTLBC1” is our Wednesday evening Division 1 team for players 4.0+. Matches are played at OTLBC and other clubs in the Ottawa region. Every week each team involves 3 men and 3 women chosen from playing rosters of up to 16 members. Each team member will then play one of the following matches that week: ladies doubles, men’s doubles or mixed doubles. Regular team players must be members of the NCTA ($25 annual fee) but there is no charge for spares. Sign up for the chance to represent OTLBC in this friendly competitive city league. Watch for notices about tryout dates at the start of season.

City of Ottawa Ladies’ Daytime Interclub League
Division 1: Thursdays, 9:00 – 11:30 AM – Captain: Becky Judges
Division 2: Thursdays, 9:00 – 11:30 AM – Captain: Carolyn Babcock
Tryouts required.

Teams consist of 4 players each week, chosen from a rotating roster of regular players and spares. Matches are played at OTLBC and other clubs in the Ottawa area.

City of Ottawa Men’s Senior League
Ages 55+
2016 Captain: Murray Ages
Time: Wednesday, 9:30 – 11:30 AM
Tryouts required.

New format. Two teams per club (Div 1 and 2).

If you are interested in sparing in any of these leagues it is best to directly contact the team captains or coordinators. Contact information can be obtained from the front desk.

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