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Every year the OTLBC holds it’s annual Fundraising Event to help raise funds towards our Capital Fund and awareness towards the Clubhouse Restoration Project. This is a fundraiser very dear to the OTLBC hearts and would not be possible without the help of our sponsors. Please take a moment to learn about Joyce Barbour and the Nepean Optometric Clinic…

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After passing the 25 year member milestone, Joyce Barbour decided to support this year’s June fundraising event with a Gold Sponsorship because, like so many of us ‘lifers’, the club is a big part of her summer life-style and she wants to see it continue to grow and prosper.

Joyce started playing squash at university but luckily for her tennis friends, she did not want to be indoors all summer.

“Switching to tennis in the summer has been wonderful, to be active outside and social at the same time, what more could you ask for?” she says.

In 1980 Joyce started her own optometric practice, the Nepean Optometric Clinic, located in Bells Corners. Joyce became an optometrist because she enjoys working with people, she thought she’d like to be self-employed and math and sciences were her strong suits. She notes, “All of those things have come together and worked out very well for me as an optometrist”.

Asked why UV glasses are important for tennis players Joyce provides important advice: “UV protection is needed for everyone but the more time you spend outside, the more you need it. Long-term exposure to UV radiation is correlated with increased risk of macular degeneration and earlier onset of cataracts. The tissue around the eye is also an area where skin cancers can occur and an area where it is hard to effectively apply sunscreen.”

Joyce believes the Nepean Optometric Clinic is known for providing a high level of professional care with the most up to date technology and training. The clinic provides eye health care to every age group from infants onward. All of the optometrists at the clinic are certified to treat specific eye diseases and conditions such as glaucoma and they co-manage with many physicians for laser refractive surgery, cataract extraction, macular degeneration, etc. The clinic dispenses a wide range of contact lenses for most optical corrections, as well as a wide range of spectacles and sunglasses such as Maui Jim’s.

While the gold level sponsorship entitles Joyce to a +15 advantage in every game played this summer (subject to opponent approval), with her competitive instincts, awesome fitness level and soft hands at the net, her tennis friends know she won’t need it.

Thank you Joyce for supporting the OTLBC and always making it a fun place to be!

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