The OTLBC is Proud to Announce…

OTLBC Welcomes the Royal Oak to their Cafe and Old Ottawa South 


This summer, the Ottawa-owned Royal Oak Pubs will open their 13th, and newest location, in our very own OTLBC Café.

Since 1922, the Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club has been a fixture in Old Ottawa South. With it’s 5 acres of land, the Club has been a beautiful meeting place for the community for the past 94 years. This year, the OTLBC will welcome another one of Ottawa’s staples to the neighbourhood as it opens its doors to the Royal Oak.

“The Royal Oak has been serving Ottawa diners for nearly 40 years, which is a long pedigree in the restaurant business. Our tennis club is celebrating its 135th season in 2016,” said OTLBC General Manager Maria Pierre-Noel.

Pierre-Noel is thrilled that the partnership will still welcome the community and introduce the Royal Oak’s award-winning style to our OTLBC members.

“For our part, we’re offering a venue unlike any other in the city, with a second-floor terrace overlooking the courts, and a ready-made community clientele who come here to enjoy the summer in a place that welcomes singles, couples and families. The restaurant is open to the public, of course, but we believe that when they see the life that members enjoy here – with tennis, swimming, volleyball –  they’ll want to be part of the club too,” said Pierre-Noel.

Jonathan Hatchell, Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Oak Pub Group said, “We are very excited at teaming up with Ottawa’s premier destination for tennis and beach volleyball and look forward to a long and successful business partnership with OTLBC. We can’t wait for the season to begin and start serving pints on the magnificent balcony that overlooks the courts”.

The new venue will also enhance the Royal Oak’s longstanding relationship with the Ottawa Sport & Social Club (OSSC), which offers volleyball leagues at the OTLBC. “This is a beautiful triad of partnerships. OSSC has been partnering with the Royal Oak since 2003, and with OTLBC since 2010. Now OSSC members can continue their on-court fun, off-court at the pub Café right onsite at OTLBC. This enhances the vibrancy of all our communities. “ Nicki Bridgland, Founder & CEO OSSC. 

The official opening is set for May 7th, the Opening Day for the Tennis Club, and with the excitement building, the Royal Oak, the OTLBC and OSSC are excited to see what the season has in store for this new adventure.

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