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This is the OTLBC life... in a pandemic!
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Stage - 1 Opening
Stage - 2 Opening
Stage - 3 Opening
September Tournament Series
The 2020 Luncheon Song
The end of season video - "You've got a Friend"

Quarantine Adventures with Morgan  

Enjoy the OTLBC Music Monday adventure series on Spotify & YouTube. Sign up for a free Spotify account to listen non-stop to our members' favourite playlists. You can launch the online web player from your computer or download the Spotify app to listen from your mobile device.

Remember to Sing Dance & Stay Positive!😊

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Music Videos

Week 1 Playlist A Day in the Life Music Monday Edition 
Week 2 Playlist  A Music Monday Dance Party
Week 3 Playlist All the Faces
Week 4 Playlist True Clours
Week 5 Playlist Flower Face - A Guest Star Special
Week 6 Playlist Hold My Hand - 2K20 Quarantine Challenge
Week 7 Playlist Seasons of Love
Week 8 Playlist Here Comes the Sun - The Music Monday Finale